13th HOLLAND mokum OPEN 


HOLLAND mokum Open #13 results

Qualifier winners

Quarter Entry: Nico van der Meer

Pool 6: #1 Claudia Göhnert ;#2 Ilja Tardijn

Winner of HOLLAND mokum Open #13 (18 + 7)


Champion: John "Animal J" Jacobs

   runner-up: Paul van Koningshoven

Consolation: Ronald Weenink

   runner-up: Ilja Tardijn

Winner advanced: Ronald Weenink

   runner-up: Artemiy Volkov

Beginners: 1. Robert V, 2. Leo, 3. Sam

Thank you all for the good sportmanship. Thank you 2 Klaveren for - again - a really good lunch.

And special thanks to Manolito Fafieanie. He baked a cake and a pie, and made sure enough vitamins were available all day: fruit buffet!

2022 Results


Winner MAIN and  Champion: Arthuro Braacxrunner-up Michel Lamote (B)

Winner CONSO: Rogier van Gemert, runner-up Peter van Rooij

Winner Advanced: Ronald Weenink, runner-up Ann Maher

Winner Beginner: Damiano Mazzuchi

Pool 6 and Quarter Entry

Pool 6 #1 Ilja Tardijn; #2 Paul van Dijke

Quarter Entry #1 Nardy Pillards