Format: AG's 3-2-1

3 stages

Stage 1: 3 rounds – winners vs winners

Pairing before the start: a random draw, using 4 dice

You can collect up to 3 points in this stage

Stage 2: 2 rounds – winners vs winners

Pairing before the start: match the top half vs the bottom half

Build it up to 5 points or close the gap with the leaders

Stage 3: final round, a top-down pairing

Pairing before the start: top–down

1 vs 2, 3 vs 4, …


There may be an extra round to separate the wheat from the chaff.
Pairing before the extra round: to be decided.

Every player can play 6 matches. Every win is a Precious Point.
There's a maximum of one bye per round.
It's possible that you meet the same opponent(s) again, but we try to avoid that.

We play two 9 point matches and then four 7 point matches. All matches with the clock.
If there is an extra round: points to be decided.

Clock = 2 minutes per point + 12" for round 1 and 2
2 minutes per point + 10" for all other rounds

Doors open at 10:15

Quarter Entries start at 10:45

Please sign up for the quarter entries,

and we'll keep your spot until 11:15.

 Registration for the Main Tournament opens at noon 

Main Tournament starts at 12:55

  Doors close at 21:15

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