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Precious Points

Standings 2020/2

Previous winners

2009       Misja Alma
2010/1    Rogier van Gemert
2010/2    Marcel Nabarro
2011/1    Hans Willem Capel (†)
2011/2    Paul van Koningshoven
2012/1    Rogier van Gemert (2nd time)
2012/2    Rogier van Gemert (3rd time)
2013/1    Susan Pillards (†)
2013/2    Rogier van Gemert (4th time)
2014/1    Arthuro Braacx
2014/2    Paul van Koningshoven (2nd time)
2015/1    Rogier van Gemert (5th time)
2015/2    Paul van Koningshoven (3rd time)
2016/1    Arthuro Braacx (2nd time)
2016/2    Arthuro Braacx (3rd time)
2017/1    Arthuro Braacx (4th time)
2017/2    Arthuro Braacx (5th time)
2018/1    Rogier van Gemert (6th time)
2018/2    Arthuro Braacx (6th time)
2019/1    Arthuro Braacx (7th time)
2019/2    Paul van Koningshoven (4th time)
2020/1    Paulus van Rooijen

PP Rules

A player can earn PPs (Precious Points) in two series of tournaments. The first series of Amstergammon tournaments runs from January till June.

The PP Tournaments 2020, Series 2 are:

1 AG 12 July
2 AG 9 August
3 AG 13 September
4 AG 11 October
5 AG 8 November (x 1.5)
6 AG 13 December (x 1.5)

By entering a tournament, a player is rewarded 2 PPs.
Every match won in a PP tournament adds an extra Precious Point.
The winner and runner-up of a tournament get extra Precious Points. These bonus points are: 4 – 2 – 1. Four points for the winner of the Main Bracket, two for the runner-up. Two points for the winner of the Consolation, 1 for the runner-up.
By entering a Quarter Entry a player gets ¼ PP. The first win adds ¼ PP, the second win ½ PP. A Half Entry starts with ½ PP and adds ½ PP if won.
A Pool6 starts with ½ PP. Every win counts as ¼ PP.
An entry for Qualifier 8 is ¼ PP. Every match won is worth ¼ PP and a ticket won is + ¼ PP.

An example:

  • You play and win a Quarter Entry (¼ + ¼ + ½), you register for a PP tournament (2 PP), you lose your first match (down to Consolation), you win your next 3 matches (3 PP)… you have totalized 6 PPs

  • You play a Quarter Entry and you win your first match (½ PP). You register for a PP tournament (2 PP), you win the Main tournament in a 32 bracket (with a bye in the first round) thus you won 4 matches (4 PP) and you get 4 bonus points for winning the Main Bracket… you have totalized 10 ½ PPs

The last two PP Tournaments - November and December - will be played with a 1.5 multiplier. This multiplier also includes all Qualifiers played after the start of the tournament of 11 October up until the start of 13 December.

The overall winner of the Series 2 will be awarded the “Amstergammon Winter Champ 2020" title. There will be a consolation prize for places 2 and 3.