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Amstergammon: the second Sunday of each month

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Results 2020

  1. 12 January (15+0)
    Main Bracket: Toshe Mitev, runner-up Ed Baars
    Consolation: Cato Fordham, runner-up Claudia Göhnert
  2. 9 February (18+7)
    Main Bracket: Michael Lewicki, runner-up Ilja Tardijn
    Consolation: Marcel van Duivenbode, runner-up Paulus van Rooijen
  3. HOLLAND mokum Open
  4. April and May: cancelled due to SARS-CoV-2
  5. 14 June (15+0)
    Main Bracket: Paulus van Rooijen, runner-up Cato Fordham
    Consolation: Pim van Haastert, runner-up Manolito Fafieanie
  6. 12 July (10+3)
    Main Bracket: Rogier van Gemert, runner-up Paul van Dijke
    Consolation: Paulus van Rooijen, runner-up Toshe Mitev
  7. 9 August (14+1)
    Main Bracket: Paul van Dijke, runner-up Paulus van Rooijen
    Consolation: Ed Baars, runner-up Cato Fordham
  8. 13 September ()