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amstergammon Backgammon Tournament Rules & Procedures as of July 2018

For several years we played according the WBGT rules. Until July 2018.


Today there are several good sets of rules.

  1. United States Backgammon Federation
    USBGF rules, Sep 2017
    Latest changes clarified

  2. Nordic Open by Dansk Backgammon Forbund
    DBgF rules or EUBGF rules 1.3, Feb 2016

  3. United Kingdom Backgammon Federation
    UKBgF rules, 1.3 Aug 2015

  4. Monte Carlo World Championship by BWCMC
    The IPATT Group board rules,
    no version, no date, for the Aug 2018 tournament

Let's link to this UKBgF article "A Rules Situation Update"

And thus, for the time being, Amstergammon chooses to play by the UKBgF rules, because

And this is the link to the PDF file of the UKBgF rules and procedures.
The article about the rules can be found on their website.

Please substitute UKBgF with Amstergammon while you read them.