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HOLLAND mokum Open 2017

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Qualifiers - Saturday, March 11

Pool 6 (6)
#1 Chistian Sørensen (NLD); #2 Michael Lewicki (NLD)

Quarter Entry #1 (4)
Christian Sørensen (NLD)

Quarter Entry #2 (4)
Michael Lewicki (NLD)

HOLLAND mokum OPEN - Sunday, March 12

Expert Division (14+1) - 13 pts

Winner and HOLLAND mokum Open Champion:

John "Animal J" Jacobs (NLD)
: Ed Baars (NLD)

    Side Pool
    1. Christian Sørensen (NLD); 2. Ed Baars (NLD)

Consolation - 9 pts

  1. Jean Parizon (GER)

  2. Pim van Haastert (NLD)

Advanced Division (5+2) - Round Robin 7/5 pts

Winner of HOLLAND mokum Open Advanced

Ben de Rijk
Runner-up: Hussam Salem
Side Pool: Ann Fordham

Beginner Division - 7/5 pts (integrated with Advanced)

Winner of HOLLAND mokum Open Beginner
Tracey Byrne

A total of 26 players participated in this event.

Thank you all.

Special thank you to Manolito Fafieanie, our Fruit Expert, and his extra attention with Saturday's pies. Thank you!
And thank you 2 Klaveren for a selection of sandwiches and a delicious Soup (once again).