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HOLLAND mokum Open 2014

Previous Results:
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Qualifiers - Saturday March 8

Quarter Entry #1 (4)
Hussam Salem (NLD)

Quarter Entry #2 (4)
Murat Cömen (NLD)

Quarter Entry #3 (4)
Fred van de Veldt (NLD)

Quarter Entry #4 (4)
Ilja Tardijn (NLD)

HOLLAND mokum OPEN - Sunday March 9

Expert Division (28 + 2) - 13 pts

Winner and HOLLAND mokum Open Champion:
Rogier van Gemert (NLD)
Runner-up: Paul van Dijke (NLD)

    Side Pool: 1. Paul van Dijke (NLD); 2. Dirk Leinberger (DEU)

Consolation - 9 pts

  1. Kimon Papachristopoulos (DEU)

  2. Dirk Leinberger (DEU)

Advanced Division (7) - 7 pts RoundRobin

Winner of HOLLAND mokum Open Advanced
Manolito Fafieanie (NLD)
Runner-up: Clem de Bruin (NLD)

  1. Michael Lewicki (NLD)

    Side Pool: Michael Lewicki (NLD)

Jackpot (4)

1. Peter van de Bruck (DEU)


A total of 38 players participated in this event.

Thank you all.

Special thank you to Manolito Fafieanie, our Fruit Expert.
And thank you 2 Klaveren for – once again – a fine buffet and the delicious Mushroom Soup.