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Mokum Open 2011

Previous Results:
Mokum Open 2010


Qualifiers - Saturday March 12th

Round Robin Pool 6 Qualifier #1 (6 players)
1. Michel Lamote (BE)
2. Ilja Tardijn (NL)

Round Robin Pool 6 Qualifier #2 (6 players)
1. Rida Hassan (EG/NL)
2. Claudia Göhnert (GE/NL)

Jackpot 8 - winner takes all
1. Jean Lewicki (NL)
2. Hussam Salem (EG/NL)

Main Tournament, Sunday March 13th

Expert Division (26 + 3)

Winner and Mokum Open Champ:
Ilja Tardijn (NL)
Runner-up: Guy van Middelem (BE)

Winner of the Consolation:
Hans Willem Capel (NL)
Runner-up: Ingo Mohr (GE)

Advanced Division (8)

Winner of Mokum Open Advanced
Dan Payt (US)
Runner-up: Ari Sanou (NL)

Winner of the Consolation:
Sebastiaan Kuijs (NL)
Runner-up: Clem de Bruin (NL)

Jacpots 4 - Winner takes all

JP #1: Claudia Göhnert (GE/NL)
JP #2: Hussam Salem (EG/NL)
JP #3: Claudia Göhnert (GE/NL)

We like to thank the management team of 2 Klaveren for the delicious fresh fruit buffet and the fine salad bar.