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Welcome to Amstergammon

Every month there is a serious backgammon tournament in Amsterdam. We call it Amster-gammon.

Amsterdam Beach - Memorial Lewicki - Result

Every Wednesday you can participate in a
Cœφ - Choice Of Entry Fee - Tournament.

Amstergammon 10/6 took place on 3 June.

Winner: Rogier van Gemert, runner-up Ilja Tardijn
Consolation: Pim van Haastert, runner-up Arthuro Braacx

Quarter Entry:  #1 Pim van Haastert; #2 Arthuro Braacx

Thank you all for this challenging Backgammon Day!

Upcoming Events

  • Amstergammon - Sunday, August 12, Amsterdam
  • Superzondag - Sunday, August 26, Rotterdam
  • Amstergammon - Sunday, September 9, Amsterdam
  • Superzondag - Sunday, September 30, Rotterdam

Tournament starts at 1 PM sharp
All matches are played with clocks, without intimidating new players.

Administration opens at noon, 12 AM
Quarter Entries start at 10:45 AM

Twee Klaveren
De Clerqstraat 136
1052 NP Amsterdam
+31 20 618 9125

Play with us! And please announce your arrival.